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Charleston WV Personal Injury Law Blog

Arrest follows fatal car wreck in West Virginia

The potential dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol are well-publicized in an attempt to deter such behavior. Unfortunately, drivers in West Virginia and across the country continue to drive after consuming such substances, often causing serious injuries to the innocent people with whom they come into contact. For example, police believe the driver they say caused a fatal car wreck was under the influence at the time.

The accident happened on a major interstate one day in mid-June. According to police reports, a car driven by a 23-year-old male struck the side of a tractor-trailer. The driver then lost control of his vehicle. Other cars in the area slowed to avoid the accident, causing additional collisions.

Zillow settles sexual harassment lawsuit, among other claims

When a person in West Virginia who is seeking a job finally receives an offer, he or she is likely thrilled with the news. When the job offer comes from a well-known company that appears to becoming increasingly popular, the news is even more exciting. Unfortunately for several employees of Zillow, their experience with the company was apparently unpleasant. The company has recently settled several federal lawsuits, including at least one alleging sexual harassment.

The different cases cover a variety of allegations, including discrimination based on age and race. For example, a number of Black defendants claim that they were referred to derogatorily and that they were moved to the rear of the sales floor. One woman alleges that she was accused of abandoning her job, but she claims she was actually in the hospital.

Nurses charged after patient suffers nursing home injuries

Most families in West Virginia want nothing more than to provide for the needs of their loved ones. Unfortunately, those who are severely disabled or elderly often require care that is beyond what the average person can provide. As a result, families make the often difficult decision to place their loved ones in nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities. Despite the promises made by these facilities that patients will receive the utmost care, many patients fall victim to nursing home injuries. For example, three workers in an out-of-state facility were charged with crimes for their alleged neglect of an injured patient.

The incident occurred in Oct. 2014. Surveillance footage shows a severely disabled 51-year-old man, a patient at the facility, after he fell and suffered a heady injury. Authorities contend that two nurses ignored the man as he crawled on the floor bleeding. After approximately 10 minutes, he was reportedly dragged into his room by a nurse's aide.

Lawsuit: Employment termination followed decision to enforce law

When it comes to being a public servant hired to ensure that specific laws are correctly enforced in West Virginia, that employee is expected to follow the law. However, one out-of-state man claims that his employment termination came as a result of his insistence to enforce the law as he interpreted it. As a result, the former employee filed a lawsuit against both the mayor who fired him and the town that the major served.

The plaintiff in this case was hired to assess property value. His assessment was then used to factor how much property tax the owner must pay. Certain charitable organizations are exempt from paying this tax or may, in some cases, receive an abatement which would ultimately decrease the amount of taxes paid. The man claims that he was fired for failing to allow an abatement for certain social clubs in the town.

Off-duty firefighter killed in fatal accident in West Virginia

Firefighters likely know of the risks they are taking when they run into a burning building or attempt some other type of rescue. However, job-related risks are not the only ones they face. Unfortunately, a recent fatal accident has left the family of a West Virginia firefighter mourning his loss.

According to police reports, the 41-year-old firefighter was off duty when he was traveling south on a West Virginia highway one morning in late May. Records indicate that the driver of a northbound pickup truck attempted a left turn across the highway. Unfortunately, the truck apparently struck the driver's side of the firefighter's sedan.

Lawsuit claims employment termination was unjust

Many working parents in West Virginia know of the stress that comes with a sick child. In addition to concern over their child, they also experience stress over the need to miss work to provide care. While federal law allows employees to miss 12 weeks of work if they become sick or need to provide care for a sick family member, an employment termination lawsuit claims that one woman faced job complications for doing so.

The employee worked as a teacher for four years in the school system now named as a defendant in the case. She claims that she was forced to take sick leave in order to care for her sick daughter. Court papers indicate that she soon learned that her administrator was discussing private details about her leave with others.

Responding to sexual harassment and discrimination at work

Workers in West Virginia and across the country have several reasonable expectations regarding their employment. Among these expectations are a workplace that is free from harassment, allowing them to complete their job responsibilities, and fair treatment in regard to members of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, many workers are victims of sexual harassment and discrimination. Akers Law Offices PLLC is ready to help these victims seek the justice they deserve.

Even though harassment and discrimination at work are illegal, they still occur, often leaving people wondering how they can cope with the behavior toward them and also complete their job-related tasks. Harassment comes in different forms. In quid pro quo harassment, a supervisor propositions a worker with less power. He or she may request sexual favors in exchange for a new job, more pay or a promotion, among other demands. In other cases, another employee may create a hostile work environment through the use of repeated sexual innuendo or other behaviors that prevent a victim from doing his or her job.

Woman fired unjustly over religious belief, according to lawsuit

People within this country have a variety of religious beliefs. Regardless of a person's beliefs, however, he or she should be able to complete their job tasks without discrimination. Unfortunately, some people in West Virginia find that they are a target at a workplace when their beliefs differ from co-workers. For example, an out-of-state woman claims that she was fired unjustly because she did not share in the same beliefs as her co-workers and the owner of the company.

The plaintiff in the suit claims that she began working for the company in March 2015. Real Alkalized Water, the defendant in the case, reportedly hired her as a brand ambassador. On her first day, she claims, she was forced to watch movies with undertones of Scientology.

AP editor's employment law claim describes alleged discrimination

There are many people in West Virginia who are diligent and hardworking at their places of employment. Often, these workers are skilled and talented and expect to be rewarded for their efforts through pay and promotions. Unfortunately, an employee with the Associated Press has recently filed an employment law claim, arguing that she was discriminated against due to her age, gender and race.

The lawsuit claims that the woman has worked at the AP for approximately 30 years. Although she saw several years of promotions through the years, she claims that stopped in 2008 when a new bureau chief was hired. During the time of the chief's employment, she claims he created a hostile work environment by singling her out for criticism and chastising her in front of other employees. When he left the newswire a few years later, she claims the discrimination continued. Although she received a promotion, it took two years before her pay check reflected the pay increase that came with the new job title.

West Virginia car accident leaves man with serious injury

There are a variety of different users of West Virginia roadways. While most people likely think of traditional motor vehicles such as cars and trucks when they consider using the roads, pedestrians and cyclists have equal rights to safely utilize public roads. Unfortunately, drivers who are not aware of such people in the area can cause a serious car accident. One pedestrian is now fighting to recover from injuries suffered when he was struck by a car.

The incident happened at approximately 9:30 p.m. one night in early May. Details regarding the incident are unclear. However, police reports indicate that a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle near a West Virginia restaurant.

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