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Over the line: Retaliation for sexual harassment complaints

When someone reports sexual harassment, it seems like it would make sense to do something about the harassment, not retaliate against the person reporting it.

Unfortunately, retaliation can and does happen. For example, a temporary staffing company called Labor Ready sent two female workers to a job site in West Virginia where they were subjected to physical and verbal sexual harassment, as well as racial slurs. When they complained, Labor Ready retaliated by first denying them a promised job assignment and then firing them. Labor Ready ended up paying $72,500 to settle the case through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The company also agreed to a host of corrective actions, some of which are designed to prevent future problems with retaliation against those who make complaints.

Do these things to drive safely in a traffic jam

Do you ever find yourself sitting in traffic? If so, you know just how frustrating this can be.

Although nobody wants to face a traffic jam, this can and will happen every now and again. In fact, some people deal with rush hour traffic two times per day.

Why hasn't my attorney already filed my brain injury claim?

If you've suffered a traumatic brain injury, you've got a lot of frustrating things to deal with—so it doesn't help if you're also frustrated or confused about why it seems to be taking so long for your attorney to actually move forward on your case. It makes sense that he or she should at least get the claim filed already, right?

Not quite.

4-vehicle accident invovling semi sends 2 to hospital

Interstate travel is faster and likely safer than travel on two-lane roads. However, when accidents occur on interstates, they often involve multiple vehicles of all different types. In a recent crash on I-64 in Kanawha County, a four-vehicle accident involved a semi pulling an excavator, a pickup towing a car and a car.

According to authorities, the semi was stopped in traffic because of another accident up ahead. A car was in front of the semi when it was hit by the pickup towing the other car. The car in front of the semi then crashed into the tractor-trailer.

Is surgery required to treat a brain injury?

In the event that you or a loved one suffers a brain injury, it's important to understand the treatment and recovery process.

Even though no two people are the same, there are a variety of steps that medical professionals will take to give the injured party the best possible chance of making a full recovery.

Trump Won and I Don't Understand Why You Don't Understand

Akers-Law-Offices-PLLC.jpgSince Tuesday night when the impossible first started appearing possible I've seen countless questions of "How did this happen" (often in all caps on social media).  The answers given are more confused than the question.  "Never underestimate people's stupidity."  "They're misognyists."  "They're racists."  "They were tricked by fake news on Facebook." 

Workplace self-defense and wrongful termination

We all understand that some workplaces are inherently dangerous. In most cases, these dangers arise from safety hazards present on the work site. Examples of dangerous industries include mining, construction and warehouse work. However, other industries and jobs may also expose workers to a very specific danger: personal attack or injury.

Some of these jobs include pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, jewelry store workers and bank workers just to name a few. Even retail store employees could find themselves in danger of a personal attack. In these situations, the first thoughts that occur to those facing an attack center on their right to self-defense. It is safe to assume that everyone would attempt to defend his or her personal safety when faced with an imminent threat. What they may not expect is to be terminated for their actions.

$750,000 to be paid to individuals who were discrimianted against

Schenker Inc. is a contract logistics services provider alleged to have allowed national origin and race harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment was also alleged by some workers.

According to the victims, management was notified of the illegal behavior many times. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigated complaints that Hispanic and black applicants were discriminated against and found that there was reasonable cause to believe the Civil Rights Act had been violated.

Follow these tips to drive safely in fog

As one of our West Virginia readers, you may be well aware of the fact that heavy fog can move into the area very quickly. If this happens and you're behind the wheel, it's important to take a few key steps.

Above all else, be sure to slow down. You don't want to drive at a normal rate of speed when visibility is low. Doing so will increase the likelihood of being involved in an accident.

Does West Virginia nursing homes do employee background checks?

Having the right direct care staff in a medical facility that provides care to elders is one of the best ways to prevent nursing home neglect and abuse. Unfortunately, the care provider industry often attracts the wrong type of personnel, resulting in neglect or even abuse.

Like other states, West Virginia does have a program in place to prevent the hiring of unqualified individuals in a long-term care facility. The intent of the program is to protect patients from abuse, neglect and even financial exploitation. The program requires employers in nursing homes and other long-term care organizations to conduct background checks on potential employees who will have direct access to patients.

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