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Texting and driving remains a major concern among motorists

Even if you understand the dangers of texting and driving, it doesn't mean that every other motorist is taking the same level of caution.

In the state of West Virginia, it is illegal to text and drive. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that every driver follows the law. Instead, some people are always texting while they drive, thus increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Inadequate staff leads to nursing home abuse and neglect

One of the more common causes of nursing home abuse and neglect is the lack of adequate staffing. Without enough staff members on duty, caregivers find themselves in a situation where they can barely provide the minimal care to the most demanding patients. Meanwhile, patients who are lying quietly get ignored. That can lead to problems like bed sores, breathing and hygiene issues and worse.

However, some nursing homes don't seem to care that they're understaffed. They are focused on making the most out of their facility, which means that they'll take a patient knowing that they can't provide adequate care because they don't want to leave the facility with an empty bed.

Woman claims employer retaliation for reporting sexual harassment

A Huntington, West Virginia, woman filed a lawsuit on May 10, 2017, against against her former employer, Sheetz, in Cabell Circuit Court. In her lawsuit, she alleges that she was wrongfully terminated from her full-time position at the popular gas station chain because she reported unwanted sexual advances made toward her by her male boss.

The filing highlights how the last few months she worked for the gas station chain were particularly difficult for her. She claims she was both sexually exploited and harassed. She chronicles how her supervisor routinely made indecent and sexually suggestive comments to her. He also is alleged to have rubbed his body against the plaintiff's in an inappropriate, self-gratifying fashion.

A car accident can result from many things

The thought of being involved in any type of motor vehicle accident is enough to scare you straight. Unfortunately, many people find themselves dealing with the aftermath at some point in their life.

As a motorist, you should become familiar with the many circumstances that can lead to a car accident. Some of the most common include:

Games help those with traumatic brain injuries recover

If someone you love has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), could playing board games, role-playing games, video games or even simple card games help him or her recover?

There's increasing evidence that games do help create those suffering from traumatic brain injuries in a variety of ways.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against nursing home

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the daughter of a woman who fell while a resident at the Trinity Healthcare Services of Logan nursing home. The lawsuit alleges that the former resident was the victim of medical negligence and medical malpractice that eventually led to her death.

The woman fell on March 17, 2015, because the nursing home staff "failed to provide adequate health care, protective and support services to its residents." The lawsuit alleges that the woman suffered multiple fractures in the fall, and also suffered physical pain and suffering, and mental anguish. The lawsuit states that the woman eventually died due to her injuries.

Common examples of wrongful termination

Employees have many rights. While most workers never have to worry about filing a lawsuit against their employer, this does come into play every now and again.

Wrongful termination remains a major problem in today's day and age. Here are some of the most common examples of this:

Logging: The country's most dangerous profession

Logging is, statistically, the most dangerous career in the country -- nearly every part of the job exposes workers to the possibility of a deadly accident. In fact, those in the logging industry are 30 times more likely to die in a work-related accident than the average American employee.

Stricter safety regulations have helped reduce the number of yearly fatalities over the last two decades, but loggers still face significant dangers.

Why don't sexual harassment victims go to human resources?

As we noted in a recent post, sexual harassment in the workplace has been getting a considerable amount of media attention because of the accusations against key figures with the Fox News Channel. Some common themes heard from a number of the plaintiffs are that they didn't go to the company's human resources (HR) department, and that they believed HR wouldn't have helped them if they had reported harassment to them.

An attorney representing former anchor Gretchen Carlson gave her blunt opinion: "HR is not your friend. HR will not help you." One of the most famous sexual harassment accusers of all time, Anita Hill, echoed the view that victims may not get help from HR. In an opinion piece for the Washington Post, she wrote, "There are still companies that pay lip service to human-resources departments, while quietly allowing women to be vilified when they come forward."

Speeding can lead to a serious motor vehicle accident

Even with speed limit signs posted all over the nation's highways, there are still people who disregard the law.

Unfortunately, speeding (and other forms or reckless driving) are responsible for many motor vehicle accidents every year. Taking this one step further, speeding can also cause an accident that results in serious injury or even death.

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