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What is post-concussion syndrome?

Not everyone who suffers a concussion develops post-concussion syndrome. However, it's important to know the facts about it and be able to recognize the symptoms so that you can get proper treatment as soon as possible.

Even if you didn't receive medical care that included a determination that you had a concussion, if you suffered a blow to the head and you start experiencing post-concussion syndrome symptoms, you should seek medical care.

Do you know the many types of nursing home abuse?

There is no denying the fact that any type of nursing home abuse is extremely serious. If you have any reason to believe that a loved one is being treated poorly at a nursing facility, you don't have any time to waste. Instead, you should discuss the matter with the nursing home and immediately find alternative care.

Many people believe that there is only one form of nursing home abuse: physical abuse. While this may be the easiest type to spot, there are several others that come into play. These include:

Pinpointing the reason for the increase in roadway fatalities

Most people have their own opinions of which state has the worst drivers. For example, if you're from the Midwest, you probably think East Coast drivers are terrible, while East Coast drivers probably wonder why everyone else can't drive right in a snowstorm.

However, data from a study conducted through a smartphone app may help experts understand regional driving differences -- and how to manage them.

Plan to address a wrongful termination

Wrongful termination is a serious issue that brings up some complex matters. You didn't deserve to lose your source of income. You might have worked for the company a long time and all of a sudden, things started going wrong. Maybe you saw someone being sexually harassed and spoke up. Maybe you found out that the company was doing things illegally and filed a complaint. In these cases, the company can't opt to terminate your employment simply because you spoke out against the illegal practices.

We know that you might be concerned about what is going to happen now. We can look into the circumstances of your case and help you to find out what options you have for dealing with it. You should understand that there are some instances that are clear-cut wrongful termination, but others are a bit more complicated.

A spinal cord injury can require long-term treatment

Any type of injury that you suffer in a motor vehicle accident is one that requires immediate medical attention.

However, it goes without saying that some are more serious than others. For example, a spinal cord injury has the potential to change your life forever.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation in West Virginia

Where you live in West Virginia determines whether or not it's legal for your employer and coworkers to harass you over your sexual orientation.

Fortunately for one man, Huntington is a more progressive area than many others within the state. That's allowing him to press a discrimination and retaliation lawsuit against the Tri-State Airport Authority for actions that would probably violate the sensibilities of most ordinary people.

Kanawha County crash involved 2 cars and a bus

A car accident in Kanawha, West Virginia, snarled traffic and closed down some lanes after a bus and a pair of cars all collided. When the Metro dispatch was asked about the wreck, since a KRT bus was involved, they not only confirmed the crash but said that it happened right before five o'clock -- meaning it caused a logjam in traffic right around rush hour.

The crash occurred in South Charleston, on MacCorkle Avenue. That's close to both the Riverwalk Mall and a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop.

Former coal mine employee sues for wrongful termination

Coal mining is back-breaking work, and injuries are not uncommon. One West Virginia man who was receiving medical care for a work-related back injury says that he was wrongfully terminated for what his employers termed "unexcused absences."

The plaintiff had begun working for Patriot Coal in 2013, doing maintenance work in an underground mine. He says that he was getting occasional injections from a doctor to help with the pain caused by an injury suffered at a previous job. According to the suit, he notified his employers and brought a doctor's note whenever he had a medical appointment.

Wandering is a risk for nursing home residents with dementia

One of the biggest dangers to those with dementia is the possibility that they may become disoriented and wander off. If a nursing home has inadequate supervision, residents with dementia may actually leave the building -- putting themselves at grave risk of harm.

If you have a relative with dementia that's in a nursing home, it's important to find out if the facility does regular assessments to determine the risk of wandering. Some of the signs that a patient is likely to wander are fairly obvious:

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