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Route 19 truck accident causes chemical spill, HAZMAT called

Truck accidents can cause numerous problems on West Virginia roads. Of course, because semi trucks are so large, they can cause serious damage to other vehicles involved in a crash. In other accidents, however, a truck's cargo can present hazards to other drivers. 

Last week, a tractor-trailer was involved in a collision on Route 19 near North Beckley. Although it is not clear from a news report of the crash involved other cars, the truck was transporting barrels of chemicals that began leaking after the collision. 

Although the chemicals were not considered hazardous, two HAZMAT teams were called in to work on decontamination. Additionally, an ambulance was sent to the scene of the morning crash in case anyone should need treatment. Fortunately, it seems that everyone was safe.

While this truck accident did not appear to cause injuries to others, it's not difficult to see how spilled cargo from a semi truck can lead to dangerous conditions on the road. Whether it is leaking chemicals like in this situation or other cargo like logs or pipes that can easily roll across the road, a cargo spill puts other drivers in jeopardy.

As a driver, if you end up injured because of a tractor-trailer that spilled its cargo, you should know that there are ways to hold the driver and even the trucking company accountable. Trucking companies have a responsibility to ensure that any cargo they are transporting is secured in their trailers. If they fail to do this, it may be worth considering a personal injury lawsuit, which can result in compensation to an accident victim.

Source: WVNS-TV, "HAZMAT team on scene of a truck accident on Route 19," Merrily McAuliffe, April 24, 2013