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Why hasn't my attorney already filed my brain injury claim?

If you've suffered a traumatic brain injury, you've got a lot of frustrating things to deal with—so it doesn't help if you're also frustrated or confused about why it seems to be taking so long for your attorney to actually move forward on your case. It makes sense that he or she should at least get the claim filed already, right?

Brain injury-related depression may require costly treatments

A traumatic brain injury can arise from several kinds of traumatic events, such as a car accident or a serious fall. Most people expect the physical damage that comes with a brain injury, but few are prepared for the emotional, mental and psychological damage that may accompany such an injury. Depression, often accompanied by anxiety, is one of the most common, yet unexpected, consequences of brain injuries.

Thousands of veterans' brain injuries may have been misdiagnosed

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been at the center of some very troubling stories over the past few years. Of course, everyone remembers the findings about long wait times for health care and falsified records at some of the VA medical facilities.

Study looks at link between brain injury and Alzheimer's

A traumatic brain injury can impact a person's health long after the immediate symptoms have faded. More and more former professional athletes have come forward to discuss the neurological and mental health problems they've had long after their playing days were over. Families of those who passed away, such as football great Frank Gifford, have had their loved ones' brains autopsied to confirm that they did indeed suffer from the progressive brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy, more commonly known as CTE.

Cosmetic surgery procedure leads to brain injury

There are a variety of reasons why a person in West Virginia might undergo surgery. For some, they need surgical intervention to improve or prevent a medical condition while others elect such an action to improve their self-esteem. While there are risks associated with any type of surgery, those risks are likely increased if medical care professionals do not respond appropriately to medical emergencies that arise. Unfortunately, one out-of-state woman claims that her daughter suffered a brain injury during a breast augmentation procedure.

When children suffer traumatic brain injuries

West Virginia readers know that a brain injury can have a long-reaching impact on a victim. When children suffer this type of injury, it can affect their performance in school, their cognitive abilities and other aspects of their lives, and parents are often unsure how to offer their children the best support. Symptoms of traumatic brain injuries are different in children than in adults, and even minor damage can have a long-term, devastating impact on a family.

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