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Sexual Harassment Archives

Woman claims employer retaliation for reporting sexual harassment

A Huntington, West Virginia, woman filed a lawsuit on May 10, 2017, against against her former employer, Sheetz, in Cabell Circuit Court. In her lawsuit, she alleges that she was wrongfully terminated from her full-time position at the popular gas station chain because she reported unwanted sexual advances made toward her by her male boss.

Why don't sexual harassment victims go to human resources?

As we noted in a recent post, sexual harassment in the workplace has been getting a considerable amount of media attention because of the accusations against key figures with the Fox News Channel. Some common themes heard from a number of the plaintiffs are that they didn't go to the company's human resources (HR) department, and that they believed HR wouldn't have helped them if they had reported harassment to them.

Clarifying some misunderstandings about sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace has been in the news a good deal recently with the multiple accusations against Bill O'Reilly, who is now gone from the Fox News Channel, and others at the network who allegedly harassed female employees or knew that harassment was occurring but did nothing. Sexual harassment claims also resulted in the dismissal of FNC head Roger Ailes. Just this week, his successor Bill Shine resigned amid allegations that he enabled sexual harassment at the network.

Survey: High school students reported sexual harassment

When you send your teen to high school, you know that there will be some tough times ahead, but you hope your kid is happy and healthy. After all, high school should provide your child with many terrific memories. A recent study performed by a team from the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia found that some students -- mainly female -- have been the victim of sexual harassment.

Nurses charged after patient suffers nursing home injuries

Most families in West Virginia want nothing more than to provide for the needs of their loved ones. Unfortunately, those who are severely disabled or elderly often require care that is beyond what the average person can provide. As a result, families make the often difficult decision to place their loved ones in nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities. Despite the promises made by these facilities that patients will receive the utmost care, many patients fall victim to nursing home injuries. For example, three workers in an out-of-state facility were charged with crimes for their alleged neglect of an injured patient.

Responding to sexual harassment and discrimination at work

Workers in West Virginia and across the country have several reasonable expectations regarding their employment. Among these expectations are a workplace that is free from harassment, allowing them to complete their job responsibilities, and fair treatment in regard to members of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, many workers are victims of sexual harassment and discrimination. Akers Law Offices PLLC is ready to help these victims seek the justice they deserve.

Sexual harassment and discrimination: Professor faces allegations

There are many thousands of workers in West Virginia who are dedicated to their jobs, who only want to perform their job responsibilities to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, victims of sexual harassment and discrimination often find themselves struggling to do this. In many cases when the behavior is reported, it is ignored and allowed to continue. One out-of-state woman has recently filed a lawsuit as a result of the alleged behavior of the dean of a prestigious law school. He has since resigned from his employment position.

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