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Truck Accidents Archives

Facing dangerous semi trucks on West Virginia roads

Semi trucks and other commercial vehicles play an important role in our state's economy. As these trucks comprise such a large part of the transportation system, ordinary motorists must often drive alongside or near these vehicles almost every day. Unfortunately, truck accidents do occur and may result in catastrophic injuries when smaller automobiles collide with such a formidable obstacle.

West Virginia truck accident sends 3 to hospital

Car accidents happen every single day with varying degrees of consequences. When an accident involves a commercial truck, however, the repercussions can be serious due to the vehicle's size. Unfortunately, three people in West Virginia were recently sent to the hospital following a truck accident.

Who is liable for damages from truck accidents?

Truck accidents are different from other types of motor vehicle accidents in that liability may lie with multiple entities. Because of the serious nature of truck accidents involving small, more vulnerable vehicles, truckers and trucking companies have a special responsibility to practice caution. When accidents do happen in West Virginia, it is possible that both the driver and the trucking company are liable for the damages.

Truck accident claims the life of a West Virginia trucker

An employee with the West Virginia Division of Highways died in an accident that occurred while he was on the job. The collision involved five vehicles total, one of which was a truck owned by the Division of Highways (DOH). The deceased was not inside a vehicle at the time of the truck accident, and it is not immediately known if anyone else was injured in the accident.

What should a driver do after a West Virginia truck accident?

A truck accident can be frightening, and it can be easy to feel confused and overwhelmed in the minutes and hours after a collision. What should a West Virginia driver do if he or she is asked not to call the police after a truck accident? He or she should not listen. Failure to take the proper steps after an accident can make the post-accident process more complex and may make it difficult to obtain any compensation to which one may be entitled.

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