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Logging: The country's most dangerous profession

Logging is, statistically, the most dangerous career in the country -- nearly every part of the job exposes workers to the possibility of a deadly accident. In fact, those in the logging industry are 30 times more likely to die in a work-related accident than the average American employee.

Study claims lumberjacks have the most dangerous job

The title of "most dangerous profession" gets thrown around a lot. Some point to the construction industry, where many accidents happen, while the risks of being in the military or on the police force can't be denied. However, one study looked at the numbers for 2013 and determined that lumberjacks actually have the deadliest job in the country.

Poorly coordinated care leads to wrongful death

People are dying inside U.S. hospitals -- but not just from the injuries and illnesses that brought them there and not from obvious causes, like a botched surgery or a bacterial infection. Instead, they're dying from something that's harder to define and harder still to fix: a systematic breakdown in communication and poorly coordinated care.

West Virginia can be a dangerous place to work

No one who lives in and loves West Virginia would ever dispute the advantages of working in our bountiful state. As a leading provider of many of the nation's industrial needs, West Virginia offers workers a rich employment landscape. However, a place offering such a bounty of valuable resources and plentiful employment opportunities does not come without risks to workers.

Off-duty firefighter killed in fatal accident in West Virginia

Firefighters likely know of the risks they are taking when they run into a burning building or attempt some other type of rescue. However, job-related risks are not the only ones they face. Unfortunately, a recent fatal accident has left the family of a West Virginia firefighter mourning his loss.

What should you do when dangerous roads cause car wrecks?

Many of America's roads are in poor condition, including many in West Virginia. Poorly marked lanes, lack of adequate light, damaged pavement and potholes are just some of the many ways that dangerous roads can cause car wrecks for innocent drivers. Drivers have the right to safe conditions and should take steps to protect these rights when factors beyond their control contribute to their pain and suffering. 

We can help if a loved one died in a fatal accident at work

There is nothing that can be done to undo the tragic loss of a loved one, but there may be options for family members left behind. If your family member was killed in a fatal accident at his or her mining or logging job in West Virginia, you have the right to take steps in order to recover your financial stability. You may be facing financial and emotional loss, but you could have grounds for a legal claim.

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