Why Choose Akers Law Offices, PLLC?


At Akers Law Offices, in Charleston, we take pride in our West Virginia roots. Our attorney chose to establish his practice in his hometown. Why is his local history valuable to you?

  • You meet in person at your convenience: Unlike large or national firms, our lawyer has the ability to sit down with you at his office, your home or your hospital room, and discuss your case in person.
  • Your lawyer understands your definition of success and how to use the law to help get it: West Virginia offers a unique mix of industries and recreational activities. JB Akers grew up in this atmosphere and litigated hundreds of cases right here, in state and federal courts. He knows the law, but more importantly, he knows the people.
  • Your lawyer is invested in the outcome of your case: JB Akers works in a community he loves. He genuinely wants to see the people he spends his life with succeed. That means working tirelessly for a positive outcome in every case, yours included.

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