Generation X drivers are more distracted than Generation Z

A recent study says that parents are more likely to use their phones while driving than teenagers are.

A recent survey of thousands of American drivers is upending stereotypes about who is the most distracted when behind the wheel of a car. While many people may assume that teenagers are the worst distracted drivers, the survey, as the Orlando Sentinel reports, found that their parents were far more distracted. Even more alarming, the survey revealed that a large number of parents regularly use their phones when their children are in their vehicles with them.

Who is the most distracted?

The Harris Poll survey asked 2,000 people, more than 1,660 of whom were drivers, about whether or not they drove while using a cellphone. The researchers found that two age groups, Millennials (who are aged 25 to 34) and Generation X (aged 35 to 45), both had the highest rate of cellphone usage while driving, at an alarming 81 percent each. The youngest age group, Generation Z (which is aged 18 to 24), had the lowest-although still high-rate of cellphone usage while driving at 71 percent.

Generation Z also seems to be more aware of the risks of distracted driving. The same poll found that 89 percent of Generation Z drivers want to see driver distractions reduced, a figure that drops to just 64 percent when drivers from all age groups are polled.

Parents on the phone

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of the study was that it revealed that not only had 73 percent of parents used a cellphone while driving, but a third of them had done so while their children were in the vehicle with them. Such behavior sets an extremely bad example for children and significantly increases the likelihood that the child will engage in distracted driving when they learn to drive.

Consumer Affairs notes, for example, that teenagers already have a high texting and driving rate, but that rate drops dramatically if a parent is in the car with them. Therefore, parents play a crucial role in helping their children become safe drivers. Given that distracted driving increases risk of a crash nine times over, it is important for parents to take that role seriously.

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