Kanawha County leads state in pedestrian deaths

Kanawha County had the highest number of pedestrian deaths in all of West Virginia in 2013.

According to data supplied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Kanawha County was the deadliest area in West Virginia for pedestrians in 2013. The County recorded more pedestrian deaths in motor vehicle accidents than in any other county statewide. Some of the statistics from the NHTSA include the following:

  • In all of West Virginia, 28 pedestrians died.
  • Kanawha County was the site of six pedestrian deaths. This was out of a total of 29 vehicular fatalities.
  • In Cabell County, five pedestrians died. This was out of a total of 14 automotive deaths.
  • Three pedestrians died in each of Raleigh, Berkeley and Monongalia Counties.

A total of 332 people lost their lives in all motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia.

The media corroborates the risks

A simple online search returns details of multiple stories in which pedestrians are unnecessarily injured or killed. MetroNews.com provided details of an accident that sent a two-year old child and four-year old child to the hospital. The children were with their mother in Clarksburg when a van attempting to make a turn hit them. The four-year old had to be freed by emergency responders before being taken to the hospital with the younger child.

In Huntington, a pedestrian died at the scene of a crash after being hit by a minivan. The WCHSTV.com story indicated that the victim, a 34-year old male, was walking on the side of a road at the time of the accident. Also in Huntington, a pedestrian crossing a street was struck by a vehicle and transported to a local hospital. According to WOWKTV.com, the victim died at the hospital. Another recent MetroNews story found that motorists had ignored 90 school bus red lights in just one day in Kanawha County. Child pedestrians boarding or exiting their school bus are especially at risk from reckless motorists.

Important information for pedestrians

Accidents like these can be caused by a variety of factors. Drivers can be drunk, distracted or reckless. In addition, pedestrians can be hit by cars, vans, motorcycles, large trucks, buses and more. These risks make it imperative that pedestrians know how to stay safe and how to get help when needed.

Some safety precautions for pedestrians include always walking in designated crosswalks or on sidewalks when available. If a particular street does not have a pedestrian sidewalk or walkway, people should walk on the opposite side of the street to face oncoming traffic. This will make it easier for pedestrians to see potential dangers as they approach.

When a vehicle does hit a pedestrian, legal help is important. Victims or family members should always consult with a lawyer when this happens.

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