Winter Weather Requires Extra Caution From West Virginia Drivers

West Virginia has experienced major snowfall this winter. Because of the weather conditions they face drivers should be especially careful this time of year.

Winter Driving Dangers

As snow and ice make West Virginia roads slick and slippery there is obviously an increased risk of car wrecks. If a driver fails to use due caution and causes a crash in which someone is injured the injured person may have a claim against the at-fault driver in a personal injury lawsuit. If a judge or jury determines that the at-fault driver failed to use an appropriate level of care he or she may be found negligent and ordered to pay (or, generally their insurance company will pay) damages to the injured individual.

Winter Driving Tips

Many West Virginia counties' 911 dispatchers have been overwhelmed with calls about car crashes during storms, and officials urge drivers to use extreme caution in winter driving conditions.

To help avoid accidents and injuries, the West Virginia Department of Transportation has provided the following winter driving tips:

  • Be prepared: Check the weather before leaving and make sure it is safe to drive. If a trip is not necessary, consider staying in.
  • Drive slower: Wet, snowy or icy roads, and poor visibility demand reduced speed.
  • Leave extra room to stop: It takes longer to stop on snow and ice without sliding.
  • Don't crowd snowplows: Snowplow drivers have limited visibility, and the front plow extends several feet in front of the truck, and may cross the center line or onto the shoulder.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car wreck during a storm, contact a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. There will likely be a multitude of insurance obstacles facing you including coverage questions from your company in addition to the company of the at-fault driver. A skilled lawyer can also help you with issues related to wage loss, hospital bills and other damages caused by the car wreck. If you or your loved one's injuries are serious then an experienced lawyer will make a positive difference in how your claim is handled.