Did Your Insurance Company Deny Your Claim?

Whether homeowners, life, disability, health, commercial or auto, it is important to remember that your insurance policy is a contract. When you paid your premiums, your insurance company made certain promises in exchange for your money. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always live up to their end of the bargain and may underpay or deny your valid claim.

There is certainly nothing wrong with insurance companies making a profit. However, insurers absolutely should not profit at the expense of their policyholders by refusing to pay legitimate claims.

If you are having trouble with your insurance policy, call our office in Charleston at 304-932-4571 for a free consultation. Our attorney can help you decide whether your insurer has committed an act of bad faith or otherwise improperly denied your claim.

We Have Seen — And Corrected — A Lot Of Bad Behavior

At Akers Law Offices, our lawyer has spent most of his career advocating on behalf of personal injury clients involving insurance claims in West Virginia. Over that time, he has observed a lot of bad (and illegal) behavior by insurance companies. He has also helped many consumers get the coverage the insurance company promised.

We represent individuals, businesses and families with insurance claim problems such as:

  • Denial of claims for flood, hail or fire insurance
  • Unreasonable cancellation of coverage
  • Failure to make a prompt and thorough investigation of your claim or a claim against you on a liability policy
  • Wrongful denial of uninsured or underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) benefits under a car insurance policy
  • Unreasonable underpayment of medical claims
  • Rejected claims under health, medical or disability insurance policies
  • Unreasonable denial or termination of benefits
  • Delays in payment of covered claims
  • Denial of the duty to defend or indemnify you under a homeowners policy, general liability or professional liability coverage for business, lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects or contractors
  • Refusal to honor a commercial insurance contract or other business policy

At Akers Law Offices, we also help injured clients obtain access to the medical care, rehabilitative services or diagnostic tests they need after insurance companies create barriers to treatment or reject a claim. If your claim involves failure to pay on a commercial or business policy, we can also help coordinate your case with credible, knowledgeable experts who can fully value your loss.

Use Our Knowledge As A Powerful Weapon. Learn More In A Free Consultation.

Our understanding of insurance law under many different kinds of policies and circumstances can serve as a powerful weapon to help you receive the full benefit of your coverage, whatever your claim might involve.

For a free consultation about your rights under an insurance policy, call our office at 304-932-4571 or toll free at 888-689-4893. You can also send us an email, and our lawyer will contact you.