Injuries Caused By Drug Errors Can Be Devastating

Errors involving the wrong medication, the wrong dose or due care for allergies, or drug interactions can all result in substantial injuries or even death. If you have suffered injury due to a mistake involving a prescription medication, you already know this. What you may not know, is how to get the compensation you are entitled to receive.

At the Akers Law Offices in Charleston, we represent persons injured by the failure of physicians, pharmacists, nurses or other health care professionals to properly administer, dispense or provide proper instructions with prescription drugs.

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Most Prescription Errors Fall Into Three Categories. We Handle Them All.

We handle medical malpractice cases involving all three of the most common prescription errors in West Virginia:

  • Your doctor prescribes the wrong medication: First, we represent clients in claims of a doctor's error in prescribing a particular drug or medication without regard for allergies, interactions or other contraindications for a particular drug.
  • Your pharmacist fills the wrong prescription: We present pharmaceutical injury claims against pharmacists who fill a correct prescription with the wrong drug, the wrong dose or without accurate instructions as to how to use the medication safely.
  • Your health care providers fail to administer the medication you need: We also represent clients in cases involving a nurse or other attendant's failure to administer a prescription drug according to the instructions of the doctor or the pharmacy. Claims against health care providers can cover errors ranging from improper insertion of an IV to failure to administer drugs at the proper times of day, with or without food as directed or without consideration of a patient's other symptoms.

Your Injuries May Be Compensable. Call Us For Free To Learn More.

Prescription drug errors can result in very serious injuries or even death. Medical studies show that every year thousands of patients suffer a preventable injury due to medication errors.

If you or someone in your family was severely injured due to the error of a doctor, pharmacist or nurse who failed to prescribe and administer drugs in a reasonably safe manner, contact our lawyer. Call 304-932-4571 or toll free at 888-689-4893 or complete our form online.