We Understand The Challenges You Face After A Car Accident

A car wreck may only last seconds but its effects can last a lifetime. At Akers Law Offices we know what injured people go through because we see it every day.

We understand what it's like for our clients to not only worry about getting well but to also wonder how they can pay their rent or mortgage, their car payment, their medical bills or how to live while they can't work. We know how difficult it can be for a healthy, independent person to suddenly be unable to care for themselves. We work hard for these people because they deserve nothing less.

If you or someone you love was hurt by a negligent driver in West Virginia, contact our office in Charleston today at 304-932-4571 or email us for your free initial consultation with our lawyer.

We Will Deal With The Insurance Company In Any Type Of Accident

If you were involved in any type of auto accident, it is important to seek advice from an attorney who knows the insurance issues surrounding your claim. From bad faith denials to uninsured motorist coverage, attorney JB Akers can help you with every aspect of your accident claim.

We represent injured clients in motor vehicle accident cases involving:

  • Dangerous highway conditions: We assist injured victims of highway accidents caused by side-swipes, sudden lane changes and other negligent acts by other drivers. These claims may also sometimes arise from faulty construction methods, inappropriate signage or other preventable man-made highway conditions.
  • Injuries suffered in rear-end collisions: Injuries caused by rear-end collisions are unique compared to side or front impact claims. Women are particularly prone to injury in these accidents. We have helped clients suffering from serious neck, back and head injuries in these types of accidents.
  • Drivers speeding above legal limits or driving too fast for the conditions: Working with forensic experts, we are experienced at determining the speed of an at-fault driver. We will help you secure the compensation you need after a speeding accident.
  • Drivers who are distracted: With increasing cellphone use, accidents caused by distracted driving have been on the rise. We help clients injured in accidents caused by texting while driving and other distractions.
  • Drivers who are impaired: After a drunk driving accident, we can help not only secure compensation for your injuries but as part of our services we will help you and your family navigate any related criminal action against the drunk driver. We will explain your options and help you handle the sometimes complex insurance issues in drunk driving cases.

You Pay A High Price For Their Carelessness. You Deserve Compensation.

Treating physical injuries from whiplash to head trauma is expensive, but medical bills are not the only problem you'll face. You can receive compensation for wage losses, property damage and noneconomic harm such as pain and suffering or loss of consortium.

No two people are alike. No two cases are alike. Regardless of whether you were a driver, passenger or pedestrian, we will work diligently and strategically to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

To find out more, call 304-932-4571 or email us your information for a free consultation with our lawyer. Evening and weekend appointments are available at our offices or at a location convenient to you.