Where You Hurt On A Dangerous Highway? You May Have A Claim.

Safe driving conditions are sometimes difficult to come by in West Virginia. With increased traffic and constant construction, there is always a risk for car wrecks. These wrecks may sometimes involve a single car when that driver is faced with inadequate warning signs, a badly constructed road or bridge, or some other problem related to the highway.

West Virginia's roads — whether they are highly traveled highways in urban areas, rural roads or steep mountain roads such as the southern coalfield highways — can be treacherous to navigate even when they are properly maintained. The state, roadwork contractors and private citizens all have roles to play and legal responsibilities in keeping our roadways reasonably safe.

If you suspect that you or the other driver lost control of the car because of road conditions, you may have a valid personal injury claim. Let our lawyer answer your questions. Call Akers Law Offices in Charleston at 304-932-4571.

What Makes A Highway Unusually Dangerous?

Dangerous road conditions are all too common in West Virginia. Roadways widely known to be unusually dangerous include major arteries along 'Corridor G' surrounding downtown Charleston, highways 10, 33, 34, 35, 51, 52, 60 and 119, and interstates 64, 77 and 79.

Many vehicle crashes occur as a result of conditions that are known to be dangerous, such as:

  • Failure of the West Virginia Department of Highways to correct dangerous conditions after being put on notice of the defect
  • Poor maintenance of highways, such as failure to correct potholes or bumps, failure to replace missing manhole covers and delayed restriping
  • Insufficient salting or sanding in winter
  • Debris on the road from trucks or poor shoulder maintenance
  • Inadequate signage for roadway construction
  • Lack of proper hedge or tree maintenance by property owners, creating line-of-sight obstructions or covered traffic signs
  • Roadways made slippery by mud from mining site trucks, or winter use of water to clean mud from roadways, creating slick and icy conditions

We Have In-Depth Knowledge In This Complex Area Of The Law

Attorney JB Akers has extensive experience with these cases and insurance companies. He knows how to deal with them and the legal challenges you could face. We will investigate the available insurance carried by all parties responsible for the accident, including seeking coverage for motorcycle accidents, which are not covered by PIP insurance in West Virginia.

Our firm also works with technical experts such as highway designers and engineers who employ computer simulation to demonstrate exactly how a dangerous highway condition caused our clients' accidents. These accidents often result from the negligence of a private contractor hired to work on a public roadway.

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