Distracted Driving Is Dangerous And Illegal In Some Cases

Driving in West Virginia can be dangerous enough without having to worry about people who are not focused on the road. Our unique geography and high rate of wildlife-related crashes make a distracted driver an extremely dangerous driver. Cellphones are particularly dangerous, which is why talking and texting without hands-free devices is illegal in West Virginia.

At Akers Law Offices, we build strong cases against all types of distracted driving. Injuries caused by distracted driving can be devastating. We know because we have handled many cases, advocating for legislation long before it was passed. We also know that proving these cases can be difficult, often resulting in denied or underpaid insurance claims, which is why we take the time to investigate your claim fully.

If you have been involved in a cellphone or texting-while-driving wreck, it's important you talk to our lawyer immediately to help preserve the evidence necessary to prove your case. Call us at 304-932-4571 or email us to get your case started with a free consultation.

All Types Of Distracted Driving Can Be Deadly And May Be Compensable

Cellphone use is extremely dangerous, but it is not the only activity that draws drivers' attention away from the road ahead and causes accidents. Anything from eating in the car to letting a pet dog roam free can be considered negligence if it causes a driver to:

  • Drift into another lane or across the center line
  • Attempt to cross multiple lanes at the last minute to avoid missing an exit
  • Rear-end your vehicle after failing to realizing traffic has slowed or stopped
  • Fail to slow down for or see construction workers standing nearby
  • Swerve to avoid hitting an object on the road or another vehicle
  • Jerk the steering wheel unexpectedly as the driver lifts his or her head

We Know What It Takes To Build A Strong Evidentiary Case

When we suspect that distraction was a factor in your case, our firm knows how to prove the other driver acted negligently or recklessly. We know how to cut through the red tape that local, state and international phone carriers impose when investigating exactly what happened in your case. We have experience obtaining phone records to show the distracted driver was using a cellphone, smartphone, iPad or other device at the time the wreck occurred.

Additionally, our attorney JB Akers knows how to assemble a comprehensive compensation package for damages, and we will work with you on all your insurance claims related to your personal injury case. Simply put, we know how to negotiate with insurance companies. While our goal is to help you reach a prompt settlement out of court, we will pursue your case all the way to trial if necessary.

You Only Have To Know You've Been Hurt To Contact Us For Free

If you have been injured in an accident, you may not know whether distracted driving was an issue. That is okay. We will investigate your accident and help you determine if you have a valid claim for compensation.

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