Truck Accidents Are Almost Always Catastrophic

On the surface, truck accidents often appear similar to car wrecks. There are some differences, however, that make truck collisions, jackknife or rollover lawsuits much more complex than a typical car wreck case. This includes the severity of your injuries and the complexity of the laws involved.

At Akers Law Offices, our lawyer understands the vast number of commercial regulations laid out by state and federal law. We know the duties that trucking companies and drivers have toward others on the road. We also know how to build a strong case for damages through comprehensive documentation and working closely with experts when necessary.

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We Will Figure Out Who Is To Blame For Your Catastrophic Injuries

Any interstate accident can be fatal no matter who is involved. However, if that accident involves a semitruck, flatbed or 18-wheeler, the injuries are often more catastrophic and death is far more likely.

Truck accident cases are complicated by the number of commercial entities and legal issues involved. Multiple companies may be liable even when there is a single commercial vehicle. For example, different companies may own the tractor, trailer and/or load in transport.

One or all of those companies may be responsible for your injuries due to:

  • Poor maintenance
  • Sporadic or insufficient truck inspections
  • Tire tread separation
  • Driver error, such as maintaining excessive speeds, driver fatigue or driving under the influence of prescription drugs
  • Load shift from improper loading

Attorney JB Akers knows how to track down the responsible parties because we know how the trucking industry works. We know how to procure the driver's logbook and vehicle maintenance records before they are destroyed. We work with industry experts who understand the rules and regulations that commercial drivers are required to follow.

Reduce Stress. Preserve Evidence. It's Free. You Have Every Reason To Call Now.

In these cases, time is of the essence. Trucking companies are only required to keep their driver logs for a limited amount of time. It is important to contact us before driver logs or other important evidence is lost or destroyed.

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