Truck Driver Fatigue Can Be As Dangerous As Alcohol

Commercial truck drivers work long hours over long stretches of highways. Whether hauling coal from mines to processing plants in Southern West Virginia or carrying construction equipment to and from work sites, a fatigued driver increases the risk of accidents. A fatigued driver may fall asleep behind the wheel or have a delayed reaction time, impairments that are similar to drunk drivers.

If you were in an accident caused by a fatigued commercial truck driver, we can help. At Akers Law Offices, we are committed to providing clients with the resources and representation they need in all types of truck accident cases, including accidents caused by truck driver fatigue.

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We Know How To Fight Drivers And Employers Who Do Not Play By The Rules

Federal transportation laws have maximum mandated work hours for truck drivers in order to prevent fatigue. Our lawyer has handled hundreds of accident cases. Each taught him that anything is possible, including drivers and employers falsifying, forging or altering logbooks intentionally.

Lawyer JB Akers is well-versed in the federal trucking regulations and understands the absolute need for comprehensive investigations and quick action to preserve the evidence. In our investigation:

  • We will obtain and review logbooks.
  • We will work with a team of commercial vehicle experts and look at the black box data, the GPS data and review the mileage driven.
  • We determine the route, speed and distance the truck traveled.

All of this and more can help us reveal fraudulent logbooks and demonstrate the driver's fatigue.

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