Were You Injured At A Hotel Or Resort? We Can Help.

A vacation can turn into a nightmare when an accident or injury occurs at your hotel. Whether you were a victim of a crime because the hotel lacked proper security or you suffered an injury because of poor maintenance, the experience is usually more difficult and stressful because you are away from home.

If you or a family member has been injured at a hotel or resort, speak with an attorney who will help you get the compensation you deserve and make the process as easy as possible for you. Call Akers Law Offices at 304-932-4571 to learn more.

Attorney JB Akers knows how to take on hotels that may have their own team of attorneys and extensive resources. He has handled many hotel liability cases all over West Virginia. Not only do we help clients get the full compensation they may be entitled to by law, but we also make sure corrective action is taken so that injuries to other hotel guests are prevented.

Any Number Of Conditions Can Be Considered Dangerous

Attorney JB Akers works on a wide variety of injury and accident cases involving hotel liability and other types of premises liability, such as:

  • Wet floors, damaged carpets or other hazards causing a slip-and-fall injury
  • Accidents on broken stairwells, staircases and elevators
  • Lack of promised lifeguard supervision resulting in swimming pool drowning
  • Defective pool drains causing suction injuries
  • Food poisoning from hotel restaurants or room service
  • Lack of or improperly installed handicapped accommodations
  • Parking lots that are not properly salted or sanded
  • Defective products in rooms such as faulty hair dryers
  • Extreme water temperatures in showers or bathtubs
  • Hygiene issues, such as inadequately cleaned rooms, bed bugs or allergic reactions to cleaning products

Hotels Have A Heightened Duty Of Care Under The Law

West Virginia's innkeeper laws state that hotel owners and operators have a heightened responsibility to keep their properties safe and well-maintained. If a hotel bar or a restaurant serves alcohol on the premises, dram shop laws require them to take precautions to prevent bar or hotel liability for drinking-related illnesses or accidents.

Our lawyer understands the law of hotel liability and how to build a powerful case based on your particular circumstances. Our firm knows how to obtain and examine maintenance records, inspection reports and witness statements relevant to your personal injury claims. If you were assaulted on hotel premises, our firm will acquire police records and the statistics on previous crimes in the area.

We will track down every avenue for compensation. We know how to locate all available insurance policies to aid in your recovery and obtain full compensation for your claim.

We Represent All Injured Guests From Business Travelers To Vacationers

Whether you were a business traveler or taking a vacation, or if you were injured at a hotel, you have the right to demand fair compensation and that corrective measures be taken. Contact our office in Charleston today at 304-932-4571 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation with our attorney. Evening and weekend appointments are available at our offices or at a location convenient to you.