Did You Suffer Injuries Because Of A Defective Or Dangerous Product?

When you purchase a product from children's toys to automobiles, you expect it to work as advertised. More important, you expect it to be safe. Injuries caused by defective or dangerous products are not only unexpected, but they can also result in expensive medical bills or treatment that can span a lifetime.

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Located in Charleston, Akers Law Offices represents workers and consumers who have been injured as a result of the negligent design or manufacturing of products of all kinds. We handle claims involving dangerous or defective products such as the following:

  • Automotive components such as fuel line systems, brakes, window glass, seat belts, air bags and child safety seats
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical products and medical devices, ranging from over-the-counter medications to surgical implants and prostheses
  • Industrial machines and equipment, such as saws, drills, presses, extruders and nail guns
  • Household power tools
  • Mobile home components and systems
  • Consumer goods such as stoves, water heaters, space heaters and smoke detectors
  • Children's toys, clothing and bedding
  • Sporting goods from archery equipment to football helmets

'Dangerous' Includes Defects And Insufficient Warnings

Litigating a products liability case can be extremely complex and ordinarily involves close cooperation between your attorney and a team of forensic experts, including engineers, design professionals and safety specialists from the industry involved in the particular case. In many cases it is necessary, or at least highly desirable, for the injured party to present an alternative design and demonstrate that a manufacturer could have made and marketed a functional product at a roughly similar cost without the hazards that caused your injury.

Other products liability cases turn not so much on a design defect but instead involve issues about the lack of information or warnings provided to consumers, failures in the inspection process for a particular lot number or manufacturing run, or undetected adulteration of ingredients or materials.

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