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West Virginia has long been a destination for relaxation and recreation. The state offers highly prized hunting grounds, the beautiful Hatfield-McCoy ATV trail, white water rafting along the New, Gauley and other rivers, and hiking, boating and snow skiing. JB Akers is himself an avid outdoorsman who hunts, fishes and takes advantage of the many outdoor opportunities offered by this state.

All outdoor pastimes involve some degree of risk and those who take part in them must take care for their own safety and the safety of others. Hunters and outdoorsmen assume some risk of ordinary injury. However, when another party's negligence or wrongdoing causes your injury, that party is responsible to you.

If you have been injured in a hunting accident or another type of recreational accident, you have rights. The issues can be complex, so you should discuss your situation with a lawyer who understands hunting laws and regulations and who can explain your legal options.

Attorney JB Akers of the Akers Law Offices provides free consultations to those injured in hunting accidents. Contact our office in Charleston at 304-932-4571 or by email to schedule your free consultation.

Who Is Responsible For Outdoor Recreation And Hunting Accidents?

West Virginia hunting accident lawyer JB Akers is a native and lifelong resident of West Virginia. He understands our deep history and culture of hunting and outdoor activities, including how recreation and hunting accidents sometimes happen despite everyone's efforts to stay safe.

He also understands how negligence, poor training, defective products, improper trail maintenance and other factors — including alcohol — can cause recreation and hunting accidents that result in serious injuries and even wrongful death. He helps clients obtain just financial compensation in recreation accident lawsuits.

Our firm helps people injured due to:

  • Hunting accidents, including accidental shootings
  • Defective tree-stand kits, safety harnesses or traps
  • Off-road vehicle accidents that occur while traveling to hunting locations

We understand the variety of factors that cause and contribute to recreation and hunting accidents. We have the experience to assess liability in complex cases, such as when accidents take place on government property that is maintained by private contractors. We often work with accident reconstructionists and employ computer simulations to understand how the accident occurred and demonstrate who was responsible.

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