Representing Students And School Employees Who Suffer Harm

Whether you are a student or an employee, schools are supposed to be safe places. They are places where students can learn and explore without the risks associated with the real world. They are places where educators can find enjoyment nurturing young minds. When you or your child suffers harm at school, it can be particularly traumatizing or painful.

Located in Charleston, Akers Law Offices represents individuals who have suffered personal injuries or adverse employment actions at schools in West Virginia. We represent students, parents, teachers and administrators on issues ranging from personal safety at school to due process rights in employment.

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Sexual Abuse Is Inexcusable During School Or After-Hours

If your child was injured, assaulted or sexually abused at school, we can represent you in a claim for damages under state personal injury law. We handle cases involving:

  • Youth sports injury claims resulting from inadequate supervision or defective equipment
  • School bus accidents
  • Dangerous property conditions in buildings or on playgrounds
  • Any other negligent circumstances

Employment Law Protects Educators And Administrators

Attorney JB Akers also represents teachers and other public or private school employees in employment disputes. His experience with the special procedures relating to litigation against a government entity can give you a significant advantage whether your problem concerns:

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Whether you need legal advice on behalf of a child student or to protect your own job, you probably already realize that taking on a bureaucracy presents challenges and hurdles of its own. Our lawyer's experience with education law that litigation against a school or school district demands can help you assert your rights with confidence.

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