Brain Injuries Change Who You Are

At Akers Law Offices, we consider all factors and fight for every penny that adds up to a "fair amount of compensation" in cases involving brain injuries. We consider the necessary therapy costs, medical accommodations and current and future lost wages, when appropriate, but brain injuries result in much more than medical bills.

The brain is the organ that controls everything that makes you, you. Any amount of trauma, whether a minor concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI), can:

  • Change your personality
  • Cause drastic and unexplainable mood swings
  • Affect your ability to think critically
  • Damage your muscle function and coordination
  • Lead to short-term and long-term memory loss
  • Cause you to slip into a coma
  • Lead to wrongful death

The Injury Itself Makes TBI Cases Highly Complex

Brain injury victims may not be able to testify on their own behalf due to memory loss or health concerns. As a result, it is essential to have reliable witnesses and accident reports. We know what is required to prove our clients' cases. We collect expert and eyewitness testimony as well as medical reports to prepare a case.

Our experience presenting medical and other evidentiary information in hundreds of cases related to catastrophic injuries has resulted in many successful verdicts and settlements.

You Deserve To Know About Your Legal Options. We Will Evaluate Your Case For Free.

Our attorney will evaluate your case for signs of negligence or wrongdoing. If you have a valid claim, we work with financial and medical experts to determine the amount of compensation you need.

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