Burn Injuries Are Traumatic Physically, Emotionally, Mentally

A burn injury is extraordinarily painful, both physically and emotionally. The physical trauma associated with these cases is well-known and easy to see. Some of the more difficult problems burn victims face can be invisible to the eye. It is extremely common for burn injuries to cause mental trauma that requires professional counseling.

Serious burns are also medically complex, frequently requiring both immediate medical and long-term rehabilitative care. Burn injury patients are much more likely to suffer from infections and complications in treatment.

At Akers Law Offices, our attorney helps burn victims across West Virginia. His strong advocacy skills and commitment to compassionate counseling after serious injuries have earned respect from our clients and in the legal community. If you have suffered burn injuries, these are qualities that will benefit you and your case.

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Helping Burn Injury Patients From All Walks Of Life

Attorney JB Akers helps you seek compensation after any burn injury resulting from another party's negligence or wrongdoing such as:

  • Fires caused by vehicle collisions
  • Electrocution involving products that are defective
  • Radiation burns from X-rays or tanning beds
  • Thermal or chemical burns involving steam, scalding liquids or chemicals
  • Injuries suffered in fires at hotels or rental property with broken or no smoke detectors

Don't Settle For Less Than What You Will Need For A Lifetime Of Care

The immediate and long-term financial cost of a burn injury can be extensive and it is not always easy to know how much treatment will ultimately be needed. We often consult with medical experts and life care planners to calculate the short- and long-term medical costs, psychological counseling, long-term care and physical therapy costs associated with your recovery, as well as lost wages, pain and suffering.

We will also evaluate all liable parties' insurance for applicable coverage. We know how to negotiate with your insurer as well as other providers to make sure you get the care you need. If you have a problem with your insurance claims, we can also represent you in that dispute.

We Are Committed To You. Learn More In A Free Initial Consultation.

Akers Law Offices is committed to compassionate client service and aggressive legal advocacy for victims of burn injuries. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our offices today by calling 304-932-4571 or emailing to schedule a free consultation with our lawyer. Evening and weekend appointments are available at our offices or at a location convenient to you.