We Help You Move Forward After A Wrongful Death

When a loved one dies, it is an unfathomable loss. A sudden death may be even more devastating when it results from an accident that could have been prevented.

At Akers Law Offices, we know that nothing a wrongful death attorney can do can make up for your loss because we can't bring back your loved one. What an experienced attorney may be able to do, however, is to help you recover financial stability after that loss. Regardless of whether your loved one earned an income, was a child or a homemaker, their life was valuable.

If you believe you may have a claim, call our office in Charleston, West Virginia, at 304-932-4571 to schedule a complimentary consultation with attorney JB Akers. We will begin working on your case immediately so you can focus on moving forward with your life.

We Handle Cases Of All Kinds. We Will Use Experts To Help Maximize Your Claim.

Our firm has handled wrongful death cases resulting from a variety of causes:

We often work with experts in order to gather as much information as possible about who was responsible for your loved one's accidental death. Other experts such as economists may help us calculate your financial loss, whether for expected earnings or the emotional damages caused by your loved one's passing.

Among other things, we may seek compensation for:

  • Lost income, including future earnings
  • Loss of household services
  • Loss of companionship
  • Final medical expenses, bills and funeral costs

Your grieving process can be worsened by stress about your financial future. We will aggressively pursue your case to take away the financial burden. JB Akers is an experienced personal injury lawyer who remains compassionate and sensitive to the needs of wrongful death victims.

Start With A Free Consultation. Get Help With Your Claim And Related Matters.

Wrongful death litigation is often complex. Even after your lawsuit is settled or a verdict is returned, your lawyer should know how to handle the issues surrounding your loved one's estate. Should any proceeds be structured for the benefit of survivors? Who is entitled to the proceeds? We know how to handle these issues.

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