3 Things To Know About Bringing A Claim

If you or someone close to you has been seriously injured or wronged by another, you are probably filled with questions. Questions like: How well will you be able to recover from the harm you suffered? And who should be held accountable to pay compensation for it?

At Akers Law Offices, in Charleston, we are here to help you get answers to these questions and assert your legal rights. Our firm has a proven record of getting positive results for clients in personal injury and other civil litigation in West Virginia.

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Most Cases Are Resolved Without Trial

It is only natural to be concerned about how long it will take to decide your case so that you can receive proper compensation.

Most cases are settled without trial. Indeed, sometimes it is possible to resolve a case without even having to make a formal demand of the responsible party.

But if going to trial is the best way to assert your interests, attorney JB Akers has the experience and litigation skills to make that happen effectively.

In Personal Injury Cases, You Pay No Fees Unless We Recover For You

If you have seeking compensation for a serious injury, we can take your case on a contingency fee. At our firm, this means you don't have to pay fees to us unless we recover compensation for you.

It also means we won't send you bills along the way for phone calls or other expenses. Those expenses have to be paid only if we recover for you.

If you were badly injured in a car wreck or suffered some other catastrophic injury, a contingent fee arrangement can therefore allow you to enlist our services, even if you have no money to spare for a lawyer.

Hiring A Trusted Lawyer Will Lighten Your Burdens

It isn't easy for someone who has been injured to hang in there while a lawsuit is playing out. But it's even harder when you keep getting bothered by the insurance company or perhaps even the party that caused the harm.

What our law firm can do is take that burden off your shoulders. We can deal with these adversaries on your behalf. This can enable you to focus on healing and moving forward with your life.

Taking Action

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