Sexual Harassment Should Never Happen

Most employees want to be judged on their merit. Ideally, the employees with the most ability are the ones who reap rewards like higher pay and promotions. Finding yourself in a job where your talent and ability count for nothing is frustrating at best. At worst, it can make it impossible to do your job or even affect your health.

Sexual harassment and discrimination are illegal. If you have been suffering from sexual harassment or sex discrimination at work, Akers Law Offices in Charleston can help.

"If you have been subjected to harassment or discrimination, please call 304-932-4571 or email us today. If you were fired illegally, we can't change the past but we will work from the moment you call to secure your future." — Attorney JB Akers

Sexual Harassment Comes In Many Forms. All Are Illegal.

Sexual harassment and discrimination are not always obvious and employers can violate employment laws in many ways. Below are three categorical types of sexual harassment:

Quid pro quo harassment is the more straightforward of the two. It usually entails a boss or a supervisor propositioning someone with less power. The supervisors may ask for sexual favors either as a form of extortion ("I won't fire you") or in exchange for incentives like a new job, higher pay or promotion.

  • Some of our clients have been promised better hours, more days off or other benefits in exchange for anything from exposing themselves to outright demands for sex.
  • Some supervisors are simply sexual predators who make advances on virtually every employee to see who will respond.

Because most people are hardworking and need their job, they simply put up with this illegal behavior. Don't let it continue. We know how to help you.

Hostile work environment harassment is sometimes harder to identify but is just as painful and difficult for anyone who has lived through it. A single crude remark, sexual joke or sexual innuendo does not create a hostile workplace. However, repeated gestures, comments, sexual innuendo and the like make it impossible for a person to do his or her job.

  • Some of our clients have unfortunately had to seek medical care due to the level of hostility in their workplace.
  • Some of our clients have been repeatedly subjected to pornographic materials while on the job.
  • Other clients have been cursed until suffering a breakdown.

If your employer won't listen, let our attorney do the talking.

Sex discrimination: Sometimes our clients are not harassed. Instead they might discover that their male colleagues with the same seniority and qualifications — or even the same job — get paid more for no reason other than their gender.

  • Maybe they get promoted faster.
  • Maybe they get benefits that aren't offered to you.

It's hard to believe this type of illegal behavior still happens in this day and age but it does. We know how to make it stop.

Make It Stop. Let Us Do The Talking For You.

If you are being or have been sexually harassed or discriminated against based on your gender, we encourage you to call us immediately. We offer free initial consultations, and evening and weekend appointments are available. Schedule your meeting with our lawyer by emailing us or calling 304-932-4571 or toll free at 888-689-4893.