What Should You Expect When You Hire A Lawyer?

If a personal injury or some other harm has you looking for a lawyer, you may not be quite sure what to expect. But it's good to start setting those expectations now, so that you can be sure to hire someone who is the right fit for you.

At Akers Law Offices, in Charleston, we have built a strong track record of success in personal injury cases and other civil litigation. At our firm, we set the expectation right away that your case will be handled personally by JB Akers, an experienced West Virginia attorney.

We encourage you to give us a call today to discuss your particular circumstances in a free consultation.

Expect Personal Representation

At Akers Law Offices, JB Akers will handle your case personally. You can count on him to be with you every step of the way, advocating for your interests and holding others accountable.

Many law firms don't do it this way. They will seek cases by advertising, but then refer the client to another firm or to a junior associate. This is a recipe for having your case get lost in the shuffle - it just doesn't build trust, to have your case offloaded in this way.

By contrast, if are seeking compensation for injuries suffered in a car crash or in other civil litigation, it does build trust to have an attorney you can turn to throughout the process.

Be Wary Of Too Many Promises

You should also be wary of attorneys who make too many promises about the specific dollar value of your case.

At our firm, we'll always be honest with you. We can compare your case to others we've handled, to give an estimation of its probable value and likely outcome. But we won't overpromise only to underdeliver.

Instead, we will make the only promise that any attorney can realistically make: to give you our vigorous advocacy, pursuing the outcome that is right for you.

Free Consultation Available

To arrange a free consultation about your particular situation, call our office at 304-932-4571 or 888-689-4893. Or, if you prefer, complete our easy online form. Evening and weekend appointments are possible.