We Represent Workers Injured On Docks And Waterways

At the Akers Law Offices, our experience with the investigation and proof of complex accident claims allows our lawyer, JB Akers, to represent persons injured in commercial shipping or barge accidents and other work-related injuries that occur on lakes or rivers. We also represent the families of drowning victims in wrongful death litigation.

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We Devote Our Time To Establishing Their Liability And Your Damages

The major rivers in West Virginia are navigable, so federal admiralty jurisdiction can cover many cases involving both recreational and commercial accidents on the water. West Virginia ship accident attorney JB Akers can help determine whether the Jones Act or other maritime law applies to your claim.

Our lawyer's experience with complex admiralty laws combined with proof of another's liability can help us establish your right to compensation against a wide range of potential defendants in complex cases involving boating, shipyard, pier and other work-related accidents.

Among the parties who can be held to account are the:

  • Pilot or skipper of the craft on which you were a passenger
  • Operator of the vessel that collided with your own boat
  • Negligent outfitter or repair service
  • Army Corps of Engineers for improper dredging or channel markings

Because our objective is to maximize the value of your claim, our ship accident attorney makes an exhaustive analysis of all of your litigation options against all potential defendants.

We also devote considerable care to the development and presentation of your damages claims. While making sure that you are receiving the proper medical care and therapeutic services, we document the full extent of your injuries and prognosis for recovery. The injuries most characteristic of boat accidents are hypoxia, traumatic or acquired brain injuries, fractures, burns and amputation.

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To learn more about our ability to represent your interests effectively in a West Virginia boating accident, contact Charleston boat accident JB Akers of the Akers Law Offices for a free consultation with an experienced ship accident attorney.

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