When You Can't Work After A Sawmill Or Logging Accident, We Can Help

Many people in West Virginia rely on their jobs in the logging industry to pay their daily bills and keep a roof over their family's heads. It is also an industry that presents many different risks for those who work in it. An injury does not result in expensive medical bills alone, it takes away vital income temporarily or permanently when you are unable to work.

At Akers Law Offices in Charleston, we take action immediately when you have been injured. Our attorney will put his resources to work for you so that you can have the resources you and your family need. With a record of successful outcomes and selection for inclusion on the 2009-2014 West Virginia Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists, you can trust he has the knowledge and skills you need for your case.

To learn about your legal options in the event of a severe or fatal sawmill or logging accident, contact our lawyer at 304-932-4571 or by completing a form online.

Many Injuries Can Occur. All Are Serious.

Whether your work injury occurred in the woods, while performing tree removal or in a sawmill, you may be eligible for compensation. We can represent you. Attorney JB Akers has handled cases involving various types of accidents and injuries, including:

  • Chain saw accidents resulting in the loss of fingers or amputation of an arm or leg
  • Logging truck accidents that occur on roads or highways
  • Falls on steep hillsides or wet ground
  • Accidents caused by falling trees, limbs or slash
  • Sawmill accidents
  • Injuries while working on or equipment such as bulldozers, skid loaders or excavators

We Investigate. We Work With Experts. We Fight To Get The Money You Need.

When we take on your case, we conduct a thorough investigation. We want to make sure that you not only get a good settlement or verdict, but we want to make sure that you get paid. A strong case includes both:

  • Comprehensive medical record: We make sure to document the true extent and the true cost of your injuries, working with medical and rehabilitation experts to present the strongest possible argument for your physical and economic losses.
  • Litigation involving all liable parties: We make sure we hold everyone responsible for your injuries, accountable. Naming all liable parties, from property owners to repair services and equipment manufacturers, also helps us ensure that they or their insurance company can write you the check that you need.

Our experience with the investigation and proof of complex injury claims can give our clients a distinct advantage both in the negotiation and in the trial of logging accident injury claims.

Whether You Were Injured Or You Lost A Family Member, We Can Help

We represent workers who were injured and the families of persons killed in logging and timber operations. To learn more about our ability to deliver effective client service in any serious injury or fatal accident case in the logging industry, contact us and schedule a free consultation with our attorney.

Call 304-932-4571 or toll free at 888-689-4893. You can also send us an email, and we will contact you to arrange a time and place to meet. Evening, weekend and home appointments are available.