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September 2015 Archives

Bicyclist hit by motorist on U.S. 119 dies from brain injury

Bicycle riders and pedestrians often face perilous conditions on the roads that they choose for their travels. One road in West Virginia, U.S. 119, has been the site of two deaths in the past two weeks. The most recent of those occurred on Sept. 24 at 5:00 a.m. when a man riding his bicycle home from work was struck from behind by a car. Responders took him to a hospital with a brain injury, a pelvic fracture and a lower leg fracture.

Fatal accidents and injuries abound on the corridors of I-81

Interstate 81 is a popular but deadly road that carries thousands of commuters and truckers every day. The nature of the road leads to stop-and-go situations, which can be a source of rear-end collisions and even chain reaction accidents. Reports of a four-state agency reveal that there were 6,261 crashes on the Interstate road in the past 10 years, with West Virginia garnering over 50 percent of those. The  state's Department of Transportation reports a total 58 fatal accidents on I-81 from 2015 through 2014.

Leading car accident causes still include distracted driving

It is no secret to West Virginia readers that distracting driving is a danger to every driver on the road. Despite the known dangers of this action, texting and driving is still one of the leading car accident causes. To combat this problem and to promote safety across the country, AT&T is now offering people a virtual reality picture of what it is truly like to text and drive.

Many logging accidents can lead to third-party claims

One of the industries in West Virginia that expose many workers to multiple safety hazards is the logging industry. Workers are involved in the removal of trees on road construction sites and for mine development and utility transmission sites. It is not uncommon for workers to be involved in logging accidents that can cause severe injuries or worse.

West Virginia hospital faces wrongful death claim

The brain is considered the most important organ in the human body. This is why when a person falls and hits his or her head, it is a good idea to have a medical check-up in order to determine whether any action should be taken to care for significant injuries that could have resulted from the fall. However, it turns out one hospital may have failed to do this in one case, which may have caused the death of a patient. The hospital is now facing a wrongful death claim in West Virginia.

Elder abuse and neglect: Bedsores lead to suit against facility

West Virginia residents who have to admit elderly loved ones to nursing homes will naturally be concerned about their welfare. Unfortunately, elder abuse and neglect are prevalent, and residents of nursing homes are typically vulnerable. Regardless of how unacceptable nursing home neglect is, incidents continue to occur.

Some West Virginia car wrecks involve infants

Most people in West Virginia and beyond would agree that one of the greatest sorrows a parent can experience is suffering the untimely death of his or her child. When that death has been caused by the negligent actions of another person, the sadness is even more intense. A recent motor vehicle accident involved a mother who is now recovering from her own physical injuries while grieving the loss of her infant son. When car wrecks result in a loss of innocent lives, those who survive the deceased victims sometimes choose to file legal claims in court in order to seek compensation for damages on behalf of their loved ones.

Woman says she was a victim of race discrimination at work

It seems as if the world cannot get past race discrimination. Many here in West Virginia and across the nation hope that it is something that lives only in the past, but the truth of the matter is that it is just as much of a problem in today's day and age as it was 50 years or more ago. This is evidenced in a case from another state where a woman is suing her former employer after she says she was fired for race discrimination.

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