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What is post-concussion syndrome?

Not everyone who suffers a concussion develops post-concussion syndrome. However, it's important to know the facts about it and be able to recognize the symptoms so that you can get proper treatment as soon as possible.

Even if you didn't receive medical care that included a determination that you had a concussion, if you suffered a blow to the head and you start experiencing post-concussion syndrome symptoms, you should seek medical care.

The development of post-concussion syndrome isn't necessarily more common in people who have had a serious brain injury than a mild one. However, concussions caused by car crashes, sports injuries, falls and other trauma are more likely to result in this syndrome. Women and older people are also more susceptible to it.

Symptoms usually begin appearing within the first week or two after a concussion. Usually they disappear within a few months. However, some people continue to experience them for a year or even longer. These symptoms can include:

-- Headaches-- Fatigue-- Insomnia-- Dizziness-- Memory and concentration issues-- Anxiety-- Behavioral changes

Of course, since a number of these symptoms are also associated with post-traumatic stress disorder, which can occur after a traumatic event like a car crash, some experts believe that there is a psychological component to them. However, others say that post-concussion syndrome is caused by damage to the structure of the brain or a neurotransmitter system disruption as a result of the original injury.

The important thing is to get proper treatment for these symptoms. This may involve a combination of medical and psychological care. If you are taking legal action against any people or entities responsible for your injury, it's essential to factor in any treatment you may need for post-concussion syndrome to your request for compensation. An experienced West Virginia personal injury attorney can help you do that.

Source: Mayo Clinic, "Post-Concussion Syndrome," accessed April 19, 2017

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