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Truck patrol to increase on West Virginia's turnpike

The West Virginia State Police, Public Service Commission and West Virginia Parkways Authority issued a joint statement on Nov. 13. They announced that they're planning to step-up their patrols on the West Virginia Turnpike. Another full-time unit will be assigned to track down tractor-trailers with potential safety hazards and also operators engaging in questionable driving.

These state agencies decided to hire another officer and launch this initiative after they discovered that the number of truck-involved crashes had dramatically increased along the turnpike during the past four years.

In their statement, they note that there were 58 total crashes involving commercial vehicles throughout the entire state in 2013. One person was killed in those and another 34 were injured. By 2017, 120 accidents had occurred resulting in 9 deaths and 71 injuries.

The additional officer will begin making their rounds at the height of the holiday season just as traffic picks up along the turnpike. They're expected to routinely stop truckers to perform safety inspections on their vehicles. They'll be checking to see if they are engaging in certain types of violations. If they find, for example, that the equipment on their truck is defective, then they'll be cited for that.

That officer assigned to this detail will also be on the lookout for truckers who are operating their tractor-trailers in an unsafe way. While they'll be issuing citations for those who speed or fail to brake appropriately, they'll also cite any drivers carrying unsecured loads.

Every crash involving a tractor-trailer operator can't always be blamed on them. Other motorists can be responsible for causing them as well. All drivers have to employ defensive driving techniques to help them avoid becoming involved in a crash. Tractor-trailer collisions are often catastrophic. A Charleston truck accident attorney can review your case to see whether you're entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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