Catastrophic Injuries Change Your Life Forever

At Akers Law Offices, we know that your life has been changed forever if you have suffered catastrophic injuries or lost a loved one in a fatal accident. It takes a unique blend of strength and sensitivity for an attorney to help you reach a successful outcome.

Attorney JB Akers has both. As a West Virginia native, he has a special desire to help the people, like you, that live in the community he loves. As a lawyer, he has the skill and experience necessary to handle these complex cases. Over the years, he has litigated hundreds of cases involving many injuries, including:

We Fight For Money That Compensates You Now And Provides For Your Future

In personal injury litigation involving long-term or permanent disability, the main challenge for the plaintiff's lawyer is often to show the full extent of the injured party's losses in terms of income, future treatment, rehabilitation needs, and pain and suffering.

Your case is not just about your medical bills — it is about the sometimes lifelong effect your injuries will have on you and your family. Some of our clients will literally need living assistance for the rest of their lives and we have experience obtaining compensation for these serious cases.

We work closely with experts from many disciplines, so that every component of your loss is fully documented and supported by the testimony of a knowledgeable professional. Life care planners, doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical experts and other health care providers may assist us in mapping out your lifelong needs. We know that our clients' lives don't end when their case is over, so we work hard to make sure your future needs are taken care of.

The quality and persuasiveness of this expert evidence can make a substantial difference to the outcome of your personal injury claim and can also protect you from the risk of accepting what at first appears to be a large but ultimately inadequate settlement for your injuries.

Contact Us Immediately. We Help You Long Before You File Your Claim.

The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin working to help you.

  • We will help you deal with your insurance company to get medical treatments and tests approved.
  • We can intervene when our insurance company delays or denies the care you need.
  • We can work toward a favorable settlement and quick resolution.
  • If litigation is the best option for you, we will have built the strongest case possible for trial.
  • We can handle the insurance and legal details so you can focus on your or your family member's recovery.

Meet with our attorney in a free consultation and learn more about the ability of Akers Law Offices to represent your interests effectively. Call 304-932-4571 or send us your information. Evening and weekend appointments are available at our offices or at a location convenient to you.